Family of Moonlight Events

Family of Moonlight:  A community built around the Sailormoon fandom where you can meet and enjoy other fans since February 2010. 

Hello Everyone, It has been a while since we have last made an update on our website. We are working working changing that in the near future.

We have some very exciting news to share with you all. We are Featured Panelists Guests at Animazement 2023 in Raleigh, NC during Memorial day weekend.

The following events we plan to host at Animazement 23′

Moonlight Covers Naoko Takuechi’s Works (1 hour)

Flight Horny by Moonlight 18+ (2 hour)

Gender & Sexuality Expression in Sailor Moon (1 hour)

Sailor Moon Tabletop Event Friday (3 hour)

Sailor Moon Tabletop Event Saturday (3 hour)

Sailor Moon Public Photoshoot Friday (1 hour)

Sailor Moon Public Photoshoot Saturday (1 hour)

Weeb Jokes to Make Your Dad Cringe (1 hour)

Sailor Moon Fan Content (1 hour)

Animazement Badge Ribbon Game 2.0 (1 hour)

Animazement Badge Ribbon Meet ups (Thursday, Friday, Saturday Afternoon, Saturday Evening & Sunday)

More information coming soon! Keep an eye out on our Family of Moonlight Facebook page- for the latest news.

Meet Sailormoonlight & Latest News!

Hello Everyone.

This is Lilly-chan here to say that Family of Moonlight is working getting is past articles back up. Since we moved servers some of our items didn’t merge over. So be on the look out for our past reports coming back soon. Until then I have changed our cover image and added a new link back button. Our lovely mascot artist- Kuroitenshi has created a NEW and official mascot for Family of Moonlight and her name is Sailor Moonlight!



Sailor Moonlight! The official mascot for Family of Moonlight! Created and drawn by Kuroitenshi Art. New background, it’s Sailor Moonlight’s symbol done as a full night sky. Art by Kuroitenshi Art.

Shuto-con 2014– Convention Photos have been posted on our Facebook page- I do have a couple videos from the Sailor Moon panel that will be added soon.  I did not run a panel at Shuto-con 2014 this year, just was invited to sit on the panel as a guest panelist.

Next Convention that myself & Kuroitenshi will be attending as Artist in the Comic Market Artist Alley with be Anime North 2014 in Toronto, Canada. So far there is 4 Related English Voice Actors- Katie Griffin- Rei/Sailor Mars, Linda Ballantyne- Usagi/Sailor Moon, Susan Roman- Makoto/Sailor Jupiter & Toby Proctor- Mamoru/Tuxedo Mask. Both myself and Kuroitenshi will be trying to get their autographs and pics with them. As for interviewing them I doubt it. We’ll just share pics of meeting them that’s all.

That’s it for now. Please keep an eye on twitter & Facebook for more updates.