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Family of Moonlight is a web-blog that is putting our Sailor Moon fan base in the driver’s seat and showcasing what they do that makes our Sailor Moon fandom what it is today.

Current Staff ~updated as of 6/25/15~

“Lilly-chan” aka Margaret “Meg” Tyler (creator of Moonlight Girls: A BSSMLA fanlisting and fansite, Tsuki Mubi, Moonlight Justice: A SeraMyu Guide, Lilly’s Naoko’s Princess Room and BSSM’s Network. She is also the owner of dA’s PGSM’s Group, dA’s SeraMyu Group and dA’s Naoko Takeuchi’s Group and Founder of dA’s Family of Moonlight.)- Executive Editor & Founder of deviantART’s Group, Freelance Writer, Freelance Reporter, Artist, Panelist
“Kuroitenshi” aka Angel Melzakhttp://kuroitenshi13.daportfolio.com/ (mascot- Sailormoonlight)- Translations, Artist *Creator of our mascot, Sailor Moonlight*, Panelist
“MarioKnight” aka Dan Bednarski of Sailor Moon Uncensored & Miss Dream– Contributing Editor & Hosting of Family of Moonlight
“Sailor Centauri” aka ~CKNelson on deviantARTVideo Editor, Social Networking Manager, Writer, Costume Specialist, Video Editor, Social Networking Manager, Report For our Mid-West/West Coast Convention Coverage
“Senshi-chan” aka Lisa Terlato of Sailor Moon MeetupCo-Helper
” takuto-kun/ddrninja” aka William SebreeCo-Help, Panelist
Yosenex– Panelist

Sincere thanks to these members of Family of Moonligh staff, helpers and freelance writers, past and present:
“Tomi” aka Tommy Watson (also known as ”Kungpow” of Destiny Revival, a Sailor Moon fan game series)- Past Editor-in-Chief for the Blog, Writer, Reporter
“Sakky-chan“ aka Sailor Astera of http://www.sailorastera.com/– Freelance Writer, Reporter
“Kirei Hikari” of http://kireihikari.deviantart.com/– Freelance Writer, Reporter
“Usagi Chiba” a cosplayerhttp://chibausagi.deviantart.com/ and http://usagichiba.webs.com/ Freelance Writer, Reporter
“Misty” of Myu Corner– Freelance Writer, Reporter For our West Coast Convention Coverage
SSFSeiyakou of deivanartART– Freelance Writer, Reporter For our Mid-West/West Coast Convention Coverage
“Elly” of Miss Dream- Helps with everything!

We always welcome Freelance writers (special edition articles), feature/highlight art, crafts, cosplay, animations, video game creators etc, so if you like to join our Family free free to contact us at moonraitostaffATgmailDOTcom, we can always be reach via Facebook, Twitter or deviantART as well.

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